How to Create Patron-Only Livestreams for Patreon Creators

If you are reading this, you're likely considering hosting livestreams for your patrons. This can be a very powerful way to increase your patronage by giving your community a more personal way to connect with you.

With Crowdcast, you can...

  • Host patron-only, public, or private virtual events.
  • Go live natively in a browser for video hangouts with your patrons, podcasts, presentations, and more.
  • Stream from encoders like OBS and Wirecast for online concerts and high-production events.
  • Multistream to Youtube, Facebook, and more, so you can use Crowdcast’s features while also capturing the attention of your social following.

Let's walk through how to create your first Patreon event on Crowdcast.

Creating an Event and Connecting Your Patreon Account

Follow these steps to create a new Crowdcast event that’s only available to your patrons:

  1. Click the New Event button in the left hand navigation menu to create a new event
  1. Schedule your livestream and go ahead and customize any other settings
  1. Within the Basic Info section, scroll down to Access and click on Patreon
  1. Click on Connect Patreon button
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5. You'll then be prompted to login to Patreon in a new tab. Once you do, you'll see a message to connect your account. Click Allow.

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6. You'll be redirected back to your event settings where you can select which patrons can access your stream.

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7. Finally, click Save to create your livestream! That's it! You've connected your Patreon account to Crowdcast and created your first patron-only livestream. 🚀

How to Invite Your Audience

After you create your new Crowdcast, you'll be redirected to your event window.

We try keep things really simple in Crowdcast, so the Crowdcast URL is the only URL you need to know about or share with anyone. Feel free to copy it from the browser's URL bar, or click Share from within your event to copy your event URL from there.

Once you have the URL, follow these steps to share it on your Patreon page:

1. Select the Create button from the navigation menu on the left or from your My page view. Select Livestream.

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2. Select Crowdcast as your streaming service.

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Indicate whether you already have a Crowdcast account or not. If not, use the button provided to set one up.

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2. Next paste your Crowdcast URL in the field provided

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3. Give your post a title and description.

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4. Determine who can view your Patreon post about your event. In most cases, you will choose Public since we've already restricted your Crowdcast event to your patrons.

Anyone trying to view this post who is not your patron will be prompted to become a patron in order to watch your event. This will help incentivize new patrons to sign up or upgrade to a higher tier in order to view your events.

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5. Finally, you can either schedule your post or click the calendar icon to toggle off scheduling and publish immediately. Be sure to give your audience time to register, invite others, and build anticipation to join your event.

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Congrats! You've shared your patron-only Crowdcast event with your patrons!

You'll notice that there is a label on your registration page below the event title letting people know this is a patron-only event.

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Because of this, you can also share your Crowdcast link directly to places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. When people try to register, they'll be prompted to log into their Patreon account.

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After they sign in with Patreon, if we detect that they're not on the correct membership level to access your Crowdcast, we'll direct them to upgrade at your Patreon memberships page 🙌🏾.

Crowdcast ❤️s Patreon Creators

Did you know Patreon creators get a discount of 20% off their first three months? To claim the discount, sign up for a free trial with the email you'd like your account to be under. Once you've signed up for an account, send us an email at with a link to your Patreon page, and we'll apply the discount to your account.


Important Notes

  • If you want to grant event access to some non-patrons, you can register them yourself using the Register emails feature. You'll find this in the Options menu within your event. Registering them through this feature will allow them to bypass any registration gatekeepers like payment, password, or Patreon integration. See also: Registering Emails Into Your Event

Questions or suggestions? Email us at Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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