How to Allow Screensharing for Your Browser


The first time you attempt to share your screen, your browser may require you to take additional steps to grant it access.

Keep in mind that, if you're on a shared network like at an office or school, your network administrator may need to set your camera and microphone settings for you.

Expand the section below based on the operating system you are currently using:


If you’re on Chrome and trying to share something from another tab, you can simply select “Chrome Tab” without needing to change any settings on your Mac.

Notion image

If you’re looking to share a “Window” or your “Entire Screen”, follow the steps below. This is a one-time process if you’ve never shared your screen before:


1. Click on the Apple icon in the menu bar and select “System Preferences”

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2. Select “Security & Privacy”

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3. Click on the lock and enter your password

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4. Click on “Screen Recording”

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5. Enable the checkmark on the browser you’re currently using.

Note: If the checkmark is already enabled, then click the checkmark twice to disable and reenable it.

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6. Click “Quit & Reopen” — This will restart your browser.

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7. Finally, navigate back to the crowdcast event and try screensharing again. 🎉


Permissions are enabled by default on a PC. If you’re on a Chrome browser, you can share something from another tab, window, or your entire screen without needing to change any system settings.


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