How to Use the Q&A Feature

What is the Q&A Feature?

The Q&A feature allows attendees to submit all of their questions in one spot, so you can easily see and access them during your event. As a host, you can display questions on stage and timestamp each question as you're answering them.

When would I use it?

The Q&A feature is great for events that have an active chat wall. Questions can easily get lost in the influx of messages. It's also great for any event that has a Q&A portion.

What if I want to disable the Q&A feature?

Open the Q&A section and click the settings cog in the top right corner to disable this section.

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What should I tell my attendees to do?

Attendees just need to click on the icon on the right side of the event that looks like a speech bubble with a question mark. Once the Q&A section is open, they will see a text field at the bottom where they can write and submit their questions. They can click the Enter key on a desktop or mobile keyboard in order to submit the question. Attendees will have the option to edit or delete their question after it's been submitted. Everyone registered has the ability to comment on one another's questions.

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You can also encourage your attendees to upvote any questions they'd like answered. This will help you focus on the top questions, especially if you're limited on time for the Q&A portion. Upvoted questions will be bumped to the top of the list.

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How does it work?

As a host, you have the ability to timestamp the question you're currently answering. This allows people who watch the replay to easily jump to that moment in the event to view the answer. Note that this is only available for recorded events. If you go live only without recording, you can still enable the Start answering button, but attendees will not be able to view the answers on a replay.

When you're ready to answer the question, click on the Start answering button.

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When you click this button, the question will display on the stage from the bottom left.

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After you've finished answering the question, click on the Done answering button.

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All of your answered questions will now be moved over to the Answered section. As a host, you have the ability to reopen a question if the topic comes up again or if you finish answering too soon.

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Hosts and attendees will have the ability to click View answer to jump to that moment in the replay (if the session was recorded). This option becomes available after the event has ended.

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What if my attendees post questions in the chat?

You can hover over their comment and convert it into a question by clicking on the question mark icon. This will add it to the Ask a Question section.

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Important Notes

  • Attendees that submitted a question, but left the event will get an email notification that their question is currently being answered (when using the timestamp feature).
  • The timestamp feature is not currently available on the mobile app.
  • In an RTMP session, questions won’t display on stage, but they will be timestamped.

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