Attendee Support Videos

Video instruction for attendees covering how to register for an event, return to an event you’ve registered for, and interact within an event using features like chat, submit a question, and polls.

The videos below provide visual instructions for Crowdcast attendees. For a text resource for attendees, check out our Attendee Guide. You can also view our complete library of attendee resources here.

How to Register for a Crowdcast Event for the First Time

If you’re brand new to Crowdcast and have never joined an event here, the video below will teach you how to register and create your free Crowdcast attendee account. See also: How an Attendee Account Works


How to Return to a Crowdcast Event

This applies only if you’ve signed out of your Crowdcast account or if you’re using a different browser or device from when you initially registered.


How to Interact Within a Crowdcast Event

This video shows you how to use the chat, submit a question for the host, answer polls that may have been created, see who else is registered, add an upcoming event to your calendar, follow a host, and more.


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