Attendee Guide

The complete guide for attendees on how to register for an event, use the chat, set up a profile, select a session in a multi-session event, join the stage, and more.

If you’re looking for information about joining a Patreon event, check out the support doc specifically for patrons: Joining a Patreon Event for Patrons. Then, come back here to see how to interact in the event after registering!
If you’d like to view visual resources, check out our Attendee Support Videos.

First off… What is Crowdcast?

Crowdcast is a virtual events platform for webinars, Q&As, courses, concerts, online conferences, and more. This is a place for you to join live events and connect with your community. This doc will cover how you can join and engage in Crowdcast events and take full advantage of the specialized features the platform has to offer.

What You’ll Learn Here:

1. How to register for and join a Crowdcast event

2. How to set up your personal profile

3. How to interact within a Crowdcast event

4. How to navigate a multi-session event

5. How to request to join the stage

Register for an Event and Join!

Each Crowdcast event takes place at a single URL. That means you'll use the same link to register, attend live, and watch the replay of an event. Here’s how to register:

First, navigate to the Crowdcast event link provided to you by the event host.

Click the Save my spot! button to register.

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If you’re not signed into an existing Crowdcast account, you’ll be asked to enter your email address.

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If this is your first time using this email address to watch a Crowdcast event…

After entering your email address, you’ll be prompted to provide your name. This is how you’ll appear to the host and to others in the event when you engage in the chat or Q&A. You also have the option to add a password.

📌 Note: The password field is optional. If you set a password, you can easily log back into Crowdcast with an email and password combination. It’s ok if you don’t want to set a password. When you return to Crowdcast in the future, you’ll see a login link option that you can use instead.

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Check your email for a registration confirmation message and a link to join the event. You’ll be signed directly into your newly created Crowdcast account.


Go ahead and say hello in the chat! You can start interacting with any available polls, chat, and Q&A – even before the event goes live!


If you’re a returning attendee using the same email to access another event…

Click the “Save my spot” button, and enter the email address you’ve used previously.

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If you’ve set a password in the past, go ahead and enter it. Or, you can use the Email me a login link option to receive an email with a link that will sign you directly into your account and allow you to access the event.

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Set up your Profile

Personalize your profile with a photo and brief bio, so other people know who you are! You'll need to be signed in from an internet browser – not our mobile app – to edit your profile.

Click the icon in the upper right-hand corner, and select Edit my profile.


1. Add a profile photo by uploading a photo from your computer or by dragging and dropping an image file.

2. Add your first and last name.

3. Give yourself a username.

4. Fill out your bio with information about who you are and/or how people can reach you.


Interact in an Event

The interactive elements of a Crowdcast event are stacked vertically on the far right side of the event window. You can start using these as soon as you’ve registered for the event.

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Here are the ways you can interact starting with the top icon:

  • Chat is a great place to say hello and introduce yourself before the event goes live. Chat lets you communicate with the host and other attendees before, during, and after an event. If you hover over the comments of others, you can add an emoji reaction. If you hover over your own comments, you’ll also see the option to edit or delete your comment.
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  • The Question & Answer section is located in a tab just below the chat. This is where you can submit any questions or leave a comment on someone else’s question. Once the host has answered the question, you will be able to view it in the answered tab. You can also upvote questions that others have submitted.
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  • Polls are located just below the Q&A section. The event host may add one or multiple polls prior to the event or during a live session.
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  • The People tab is just below the polls. This is where you can see who else is registered for the event and whether they’re currently active in the session. If you don’t see this section, the host may have opted to remove it.

Navigating a Multi-Session Event

If the host has created a multi-session event, you will land in the lobby when you first join the event. The lobby is a space where you can interact with the host and other attendees before the main event goes live.

You can navigate the event schedule by clicking View the schedule here or by clicking the Schedule button in the upper left corner.

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Clicking either option will display the schedule from the left-hand side of your screen where you can navigate between the various sessions.

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How to Request to Join the Stage

If the host has allowed attendees to request to join the stage, you will see a hand icon at the bottom of the screen. Click this hand to request to join the stage.


Once you’ve requested to join the stage, you may need to allow Crowdcast to access your camera and microphone. You should see a pop-up where you can select Allow.


After granting Crowdcast permission to your camera and mic, a pop-up will appear where you can select your preferred camera and mic input and then save your request to join the stage. From there, it will be up to the host to accept your request.


Questions or suggestions? Email us at Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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