Sharing Pre-Recorded Content

Sharing Pre-Recorded Content

Many hosts love sharing pre-recorded content during their events! However, bear in mind that Crowdcast is a live video platform, not a video hosting platform. This means you'll need to actually go live in a session to share pre-recorded video rather than simply uploading a file. Keep reading to learn how to share pre-recorded content as part of your live event.

Method One – The Studio

Crowdcast’s built-in Studio is the simplest way to share pre-recorded content. Hosts and co-hosts can upload pre-recorded videos to the Studio at any point before or during an event. The video must be hosted on Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

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Important Notes

  • YouTube Shorts require manipulation of the URL before uploading. If you open a Youtube Shorts video, the URL will look something like this: This format is not compatible with the Studio. However, there is a workaround. Take the sequence after “shorts/” in the URL and append it to For example, would become

Method Two: Virtual Webcam

Another way to share pre-recorded video content is to virtualize your webcam with third-party software. When you virtualize your webcam, you are selecting a third-party tool as your webcam source. Whatever content you have loaded into the virtual webcam will be passed into Crowdcast as if it were a feed from your standard webcam.

Here are some third-party tools that offer this:

  • ManyCam: Mac and Windows – Paid Subscription
  • OBS: Mac and Windows – Free
  • vMix: Windows – Paid Subscription

Method Three: RTMP Studio

RTMP Studio allows you to connect Crowdcast to other live-streaming apps like OBS, Wirecast, Streamyard, and more. If you need to quickly swap between various media inputs like video and camera with transitions and/or graphics, RTMP Studio may be the best option. Learn more about RTMP Studio’s capabilities here.


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