Overages Explained

How overage charges work if more attendees show up to your event than your plan includes.

Crowdcast’s Simple Pricing

Plans are priced and structured based on…

  1. The number of hours you will be streaming per month
  1. The number of live attendees joining each session
  1. Features and tools

Check out the pricing page where you can see a breakdown of these for each plan.

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Each plan includes a certain amount of live attendees that are able to join a session without any additional charge to the host. If your live attendance exceeds that amount, then you’ll be charged overages at .15¢ per each additional live attendee.

An unlimited number of people can register for your Crowdcast event, but you'll only be charged for those who show up live beyond the amount included in your plan.

Crowdcast is capable of events with a maximum of 10,000 live attendees. If you feel your live attendance may approach this amount, please reach out to us at support@crowdcast.io.

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I need more details. How exactly are overage charges calculated?

If more live attendees show up than your plan includes, you'll be charged .15¢ (USD 0.15) per additional live attendee per session.

For example, the Pro Plan includes up to 250 live attendees per session. Let's say you're on this plan, and 255 people show up live to one of your sessions. At .15¢ per additional live attendee, you'll be charged an overage of .75¢ for those five additional people.


What if I’m hosting a multi-session event?

Ok, let’s say you’re on the Pro Plan and hosting a multi-session event with three session. 255 people show up live to Session #1; then 263 show up live to Session #2; and exactly 250 show up live to Session #3.

  • Session #1 had five additional live attendees: 5 x .15 = .75
  • Session #2 had 13 additional live attendees: 13 x .15 = 1.95
  • Session #3 did not exceed what’s included with the Pro plan: no overages applied.

At .15¢ per additional live attendee, you would be charged an overage total of $2.70 for this event.

How can I avoid overage charges?

If you want to avoid overage charges, you can limit the number of people who can register for your event within the Advanced section of your event settings.

You may want to limit seats based on your anticipated show up rate. At this time, you can only cap the number of attendees who can register. You cannot cap the number who are able to show up live.

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When is the overage fee charged?

Overages are charged to the credit card on file for your account once your session has finished.


Questions or suggestions? Email us at support@crowdcast.io. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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